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Our company Sabaa Enterprise Co., was established: 1997 specializing in a variety of printed products printing and exporters.

In recent years, particularly in view of market demand, especially patent technology development of new products: 3D Decoration transfers ( Patent number : 207600). These production is not only contrary to others transfers in the market. but more than the general transfers. Because it does not require traditional flooding or heating process only requires complicated procedures: "Peel- Place- Peel " the most simple operation process can present " embossed effect" can be almost permanently!

It applies to any smooth surface products such as: kitchen / bathroom of tiles, ceramic mugs, general ceramics, glass containers, and so on. Will also enhance the product or situation quiet after more hight quality pasted this product can clean the brush does not fall ! It is the only transfer make your product presentation : embossed effect is so simple and easy to make your products different from or better than the quality of its peers.

Our company also print other products such as: static window stickers / wall stickers / anti-slip stickers / toilet stickers .... and so on. We will continue to develop new products and provide better quality and service.


近年來特別鑑於市場需求,以特別技術開發專利新產品:3D立體浮雕轉印貼紙 (專利號碼: 207600)。

但更勝於一般轉印貼紙,因為它不需傳統式浸水或加熱繁雜手續流程 !

它只需要「貼上- 撕開-貼上」,是最簡易操作步驟。

它適用於任何光滑面產品如: 廚房/ 浴室之磁磚、陶瓷馬克杯、一般陶瓷、玻璃容器等等。


我們公司同時也印刷其它產品如: 靜電窗貼 / 牆壁貼紙 / 防滑貼紙/ 馬桶貼紙....等。

Jane Wu, Team Manager